Carla Accardi

Carla Accardi (9 October 1924 – 23 February 2014) was an Italian painter; she was among the early participants in the abstract art style.

Accardi was born in Trapani, Sicily and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence before relocating to Rome in 1946, where she would live until her death. Soon after beginning her work in Rome, she became a member of the Art Club and frequented Pietro Consagra‘s studio. Here she met her future spouse, the fellow-artist Antonio Sanfilippo, and others that would influence her Marxist ideology. In 1947, she co-founded the influential postwar art group Forma 1  with Ugo Attardi, Pietro Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Mino Guerrini, Achille Perilli, Antonio Sanfilippo and Giulio Turcato.